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Entry Doors, Custom Cabinetry, & Woodworking

Entry Doors, Custom Cabinetry, & WoodworkingEntry Doors, Custom Cabinetry, & Woodworking



Experience & Creativity

For over 15 years, we have been recognized as an Artist in Design and Supply of decorative custom entryway and interior wood doors, kitchens, baths, cabinetry, molding, and ceiling beams.  We work nationwide with Architects, Homeowners, Builders and Interior Designers.

Truly "one of a kind", we are an established group of custom fabricators that build according to your specifications in our local factory located in downtown Sarasota, Florida.  Working in a fashion where wood becomes a blank canvas, our products are finished with a process handed down through generations.   

With a proven infrastructure designed for efficiency, accuracy, and lower production costs, our experience and reputation in this elite market is truly unique.


Our Process

Pricing or Bidding

We make the custom cabinetry ordering process for you as simple as it should be.  If you are building or remodeling a home simply have your builder, contractor, architect or interior designer, forward drawings, plans in a PDF file via email to chris@oldworlddesign.net or mail to: 2250 Aspinwall Street, Sarasota, FL 34237. Once Old World Design has received a copy of your plans we will then begin the bidding, estimating process. 

Design & Engineering 

If a design has not been selected or provided then Old World Design can help find a style for your home. 

We then prepare an engineered elevation to assure that the designed will meet or exceed your expectations. The entire process generally takes between 1-2 weeks to complete. This will allow you to view your newly designed cabinetry via CAD and fully detailed so you can understand exactly what your cabinetry will look like before it is manufactured. Drawings will be sent to the contractor, builder, or interior designer for final approval.


Old World Design offers a vast selection of hardware.  Please visit our Hardware resources page.


Old World Design offers a vast selection in stain or paint colors to choose from, including custom finishes.  

Old World Design provides antique, rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary  finishes in stain or paint grade designers finish using hand rendered glazing, crackling. We will then send a sample directly to you for your approval.


Once finishing stage has been completed, a delivery date will be arranged for installation. Your cabinetry will be protected like fine furniture, and delivered directly to you.  

The time required to produce the design, engineering, manufacturing, finishing is approximately 6-8 weeks.


Old World Design offers installation of your new cabinetry using one of our in-house experienced installers or an experienced builder's installer.


Our Guarantee

Led by company president, Christopher Bolger, Old World Design in Sarasota, Florida.

Starting over 15 years ago from the humble beginnings of a business, Old World Design truly grew into making a historic marker in the industry.  Working with hundreds of building contractors, interior designers, and homeowners of distinction nationwide, we have literally become infused with this distinguished class of professionals.

Chris gives each client the same individual service, from confirming design details on plans with architects and interior designers, to designing and handling the logistical operations with contractors!

Chris is also directly involved with the process to ensure consistency within the design.  He is dedicated to serving his client’s needs and providing the highest quality possible.