Pricing or Bidding

We make the Custom Door ordering process for you as simple as it should be.  If you are building or remodeling a home simply have your builder, contractor, architect or interior designer, forward drawings, plans in a PDF file via email to or mail to 2250 AspinWall Street. Sarasota, FL. 34237. Once Old World Design has received a copy of your plans we will then begin the bidding, estimating process. 

Design & Engineering 

If a design has not been selected or provided then Old World Design can help find a style for your home. 

we then prepare an engineered elevation to assure that the designed will meet or exceed the Florida building code for a  "ONE OF A Kind ENTRYWAY". The entire process generally takes between 2-3 weeks to complete. This will allow you to view your newly designed DOOR using AutoCad fully detailed so you can understand exactly what your Door will look like before it is manufactured. Drawings will be sent to the contractor, builder, or interior designer for final approval.


Old World Design offers a vest selection of hardware, please visit our HARDWARE sources below or at top of page under "HARDWARE".


Old World Design offers a vast selection in  stain or paint colors to choose from, Please see color chart below for options or top of page under "FINISH", custom colors can also be produced or matched to any existing colors you may have. Old World Design provides antique, rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary  finishes in stain or paint grade designers finish using hand rendered glazing, crackling. We will then send a sample directly to you for your approval.


Once finishing stage has been completed, a delivery date will be arranged for installation. With our in-place infrastructure we provide efficient, accurate, timely production. Your Doors can be delivered and  protected like fine furniture, directly to you.  The time required to produce the design, engineering, manufacturing, finishing is approximately 6-8 weeks.


Old World Design offers installation of your newly design door using one of our in house experienced builders or a experienced sub in the trad.



 As the design boom of the '70's and '80's gathered momentum, the first thing many noticed about a house was the innovative use of decor and dimension. Technology and materials progressed rapidly, and people building homes found themselves with a variety of elements and areas by which to define themselves.

However, now that eclecticism has yielded to reflection, a home's focus has counter revolutionized. 

More specially, sturdy intricately handcrafted doors that evoke Renaissance style, like those produced by Old World Design.  

Entry Doors

Castles for kings. A mysterious medieval fortress. Grand entryways to the ancient walled cities of Renaissance Europe. These are only a few of the images that Old World Design doors draw to mind. Yet they are more than homages to a period in time long since passed. They are functional pieces of  decoration that lend character and sophistication to celebrated homes and businesses worldwide, including Williams Island's Island Club, Fisher Island, and the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach.   

History, as it relates to design, becomes less a marker of a particular era than it does a conduit to what's modern now. Old World Design doors, by being rooted in history, therefore are equally as relevant to homes of classic lineage as they are to those with contemporary influences. Regardless of the degree to which the door is manipulated and accessorized, it is at once elevated to the position of the home's focal point. A functioning object of art that welcomes, entices, invites. Transcending time....   is a collection that is as timely as it is timeless. A modern element with a vintage appeal. 

Interior Doors

With the look of an aged, vintage patina of European ancestry, doors from Old World Design are for both exterior and interior purposes, front entryways or wine cellars, for example. For that reason, door sizes always vary. Yet the style is every bit as effective in situations that require only a little space, to the grandest of entryway systems. In each circumstance, the doors bridge the old and the new, becoming a connecting point between the past and the present,  the ancient and the modern.  To that end, Renaissance style doors are as relevant now as they were in centuries past. At a time when individualism and versatility are at the helm of the industry, doors from Old World Design are notable in that they offer both.

Color Options


Pigmented Stealth® *VOC A high solids, pigmented, non-yellowing, post-catalyzed amino alkyd conversion varnish. Stealth® conversion varnish is a low odor, easy-toapply formulation that has exceptional resistance to water, solvents and household chemicals. Stealth® conversion varnish represents the latest in durable, long-lasting wood finishing technology and is available to be tinted in 1,000+ colors.  

Stains/Glazes WoodSong® II Stains *VOC Fast drying, spray-and-wipe wood stains that can be re coated with lacquers or other industrial wood finishes.  Available in many package colors and tint bases that can be custom tinted to almost any color in the Distributor Stain Studio. Amazing Stain™can be used under all of M.L. Campbell’s clear finish coats. This clear stain base can be tinted using MLC Industrial colorants, dyes and transparent pigments. M.L. Campbell’s Distributor Stain Studio can tint this base to unlimited stain colors. 

WoodSong® II Low Solids Stain A low solids, VOC compliant, alkyd stain base that exhibits excellent grain definition on wood with outstanding application properties and excellent open time to wipe. WS2LS10 is compliant for California SCAQMD for a low solids stain. Microton™ Dyes Microton™ dyes were developed to act as the first step in staining light colored woods (oak, pine, birch, etc.) to a darker color such as mahogany. When used as a first stain coat, this spray-only toner uniforms the tone of the wood’s color, making an even base for the application of Woodsong® II spray-and-wipe stains. Vintage® Alkyd Glaze Was developed to add depth to three-dimensional surfaces, imitate aging and create other decorative patterns on interior wood surfaces. This product exhibits excellent workability, as well as fast and easy recoating. Over 300 custom colors of Vintage® Alkyd Glaze are available. 

Amazing Glaze® is designed to create a beautiful, three-dimensional look that provides depth and rich color in a breakaway glaze formula. The time saving and HAPs free formula does not require a vinyl sealer, which also saves money by keeping labor costs down.